Why You Need Epoxy Installation in the Winter

Why You Need Epoxy Installation in the Winter

Why You Need Epoxy Installation in the Winter

Epoxy flooring is very much in demand nowadays. Epoxy is a type of paint; it is plastic, adhesive, or thermoset plastic material. It is made by mixing two or more industrial chemical compounds to provide a high degree of resistance against wear and tear. It provides the most durable and sustainable flooring option.

Need for Epoxy Installation in the Winter:

Epoxy flooring has a unique feature. The heat of the reaction quickly disappears when rolling epoxy over a cold surface in cold weather. Therefore, the cure may take longer than usual. This allows the epoxy time to absorb any moisture in the air and form an “amine blush” on the finished surface.

Epoxy flooring can be done in winter. Epoxy can be used in cold temperatures but needs to be handled with care and must be applied with techniques adapted to cold temperatures.

How cold weather affects epoxy resin:

With the drop in temperature, the epoxy resin becomes thicker and does not flow properly. It becomes much more difficult to measure and mix the epoxy resin and it gets hardener during the cold weather season. This can lead to incomplete mixing and a greater risk of coating failure.

Some of the reasons why you need Epoxy Installation in the Winter:

There are varied reasons to get your garage with Epoxy Installation in the winter. So get the damaged floor rejuvenated with new Epoxy flooring. Some of the reasons for undergoing Epoxy installation in winter are as follows:

  • Cold temperature does not delay the garage floor project. The epoxy garage flooring coating requires a minimum temperature of 50-55° F (10-13° C) is required.
  • In winter the garage floor coating maintains the same quality as compared with other seasons.
  • You can get the garage floor done quicker. Getting your garage flooring done with epoxy flooring in winter is indeed possible but with the required information with advantages.
  • Protect the floors from being damaged by road salt. The road salt brought by vehicles during the winter season leaves ugly white stains on the floor. This can be protected if you get the garage flooring done.

Therefore, take the expert’s advice and go for the Epoxy Installation in the winter without any hesitation.

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