What are the Disadvantages of Metallic Epoxy Flooring?

What are the Disadvantages of Metallic Epoxy Flooring?

What are the Disadvantages of Metallic Epoxy Flooring?

Popular for its amazing, modern and colourful look, metallic epoxy might seem like the proper flooring option for your home or company. But before you decide in favour of metallic epoxy, it’s essential to comprehend the requirements of your environment where the flooring is discovered.

Not all flooring is created equal and you want to make sure you select the right material to support your floor presentable and in satisfactory shape.

As with all flooring materials, metallic epoxy has several disadvantages for your effects Let’s take a peek at some of the numerous special ones.


Metallic epoxy is a commerce combination and it reaches very wide, which means more material is needed to protect the same square footage as normal epoxy. You’ll be paying a more increased price per square foot for such a special, eye-catching metallic epoxy floor.

Extremely Slippery

Other drawback of a metallic epoxy floor is that it’s very slippery, particularly when wet or coated with oil. For that reason, metallic flooring is not a suitable concept for spots where falls occur frequently.

Flat To Scratches

Because of its high-shine finish, metallic epoxy flooring is very sensitive to scratches. In expansion, the translucent epoxy used in a metallic floor makes apparent the defects, flaws and fissures in the underlying tangible texture.

Difficult To Touch Up

Though long-lasting and resistant, metallic epoxy coatings are virtually unattainable to touch up. In many cases, there is no option to deny the current coating and substitute it with a new one.

Cosmetically, metallic epoxy bases are lovely with colour distributions, three-dimensional regards and soft, mirror-like finishes. But, with all the disadvantages noted overhead, a metallic epoxy coating strength not be the most appropriate option for your condition.

While metallic epoxy flooring delivers incredible optical products, it’s important to evaluate the possible disadvantages before making a decision. With Crown Coatings technology, you can appreciate all the usefulness of metallic epoxy flooring without worrying about complicated application procedures, little coloring choices, or exposure to lacerations and UV degradation.

Choose Crown Coatings and upgrade your space with spirit. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering excellent outcomes that exceed your anticipations. Reach us today to learn more about our creative coating resolutions and change your room with Crown Coatings.

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